Howard Butterworth is now a trackable cache (Art Bug) all in aid of The Archie Foundation!

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Goecaching is a popular hobby for many in the North East of Scotland and we are lucky to have caches hidden in wonderful locations throughout the area. Geocaching is an outdoor hunt for treasure (a cache) using a set of GPS co-ordinates in conjunction with mobile GPS devices and can be fantastic fun for all the family! More information can be found on their official website https:/

As part of the #FINDHOWARD fundraising campaign for the Archie Foundation and for those who like to get out and about and enjoy geocaching, we have made Howard into a trackable cache; he is a Travel Bug or ‘Art Bug’ as we like to call him and has a unique geocache code.

“What is a Groundspeak Travel Bug?
Simply put, a Groundspeak Travel Bug is a trackable tag that you attach to an item. This allows you to track your item on The item becomes a hitchhiker that is carried from cache to cache (or person to person) in the real world and you can follow its progress online.

What does a Travel Bug do?
It’s really up to the owner of the bug to give it whatever task they desire. Or no task at all. The fun of a Travel Bug is inventing new goals for the Travel Bug to achieve. One Bug’s goal may be to reach a specific country, or travel to 10 countries.

How does a Travel Bug work?
Each Travel Bug has its own unique tracking number stamped on it. This tracking number is used as proof by the user that they found the item. It also doubles as a way for the user to locate the personal web page for the Travel Bug.

Travel Bug Trackables are tracked with the help of users who go online and ‘grab’ them from caches, or receive them from users. The idea is by picking up and dropping off Travel Bug Trackables on the web site you are mirroring the Bug’s real world adventures. Each Travel Bug has its own ‘diary’ that follows its movements.”

The above information about Travel Bugs was taken from the official Geocahing website for more information please go directly to their website.


So for now, #FINDHOWARD, happy hunting everyone and if you do #FINDHOWARD please let us know!

Donate Here and read more about the Digital Art Gallery at (RACH) Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital.


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