Question Time at The Butterworth Gallery, each Friday Afternoon before Christmas.



I will be spending my Friday afternoons at the family gallery in Ballogie from 2- 4pm each Friday before Christmas as a “Meet the artist” session. Afternoon tea is served in the friendly informal settings by my daughter Sarah.

Each week, I will bring along something I’m working on. I will be chatting to visitors about my life as an artist, available to help with any technical art questions or just for a catchup & general blether, as some will know this may include cars!

Here I am with a charcoal sketch of Bennachie.

I will be answering some frequently asked questions that have been left via The Butterworth Gallery Facebook page, such as:

Question: “Do you ever use black?”

Answer: “Not for nature……I would use a mix of dark browns and ultramarine ”

Question: “Do you use fine brushes?”

Answer: “Not in the main, but will use a Rigger brush (long thin brush) for birch tree branches….have been known to use fingers and edges of card”

Question: “Whats your favourite medium?”

Answer: “Oil paints for their immediacy”


If you are in the mood to make a purchase then I can personalise this for you or as a gift for a special occasion.