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fbevent minatureThe Butterworth Gallery at Ballogie has a new display of my oil paintings, some of which have not previously been offered for sale. I’m delighted with the arrangement of these small paintings on the feature wall in the gallery with the bespoke framing from the Belvidere gallery in Aberdeen.

This original collection has some of my special paintings of favourite Scottish places that have meant so much to me over the years.

loch broom.jpg

“Sunlit Cottage, Loch Broom”

Over the years, I have frequently travelled the west coast of Scotland, being attracted to the rugged landscape with its dramatic light effects. My painting of the “Sunlit Cottage, Loch Broom” is a typical snapshot of both. I’m not sure if the red roof of the wee cottage was newly painted, but it allowed me to notice it and then capture it in my own paint. I knew I had an exact match!

This particular road trip took me through the scenic routes where visitors are now becoming more frequent and is known today as the North Coast 500.

Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 14.00.58

“Poolewe Sunset”

This painting was painted in the car park of the Poolewe Inn, now the Poolewe Hotel. I had been anticipating having an excellent evening meal on my carefully timed arrival, HOWEVER! when I arrived, I realised I had to setup and paint the dramatic sunset which i knew was coming from my experience of painting “En Plein Air”. Despite being covered in midge repellent and smelling of turps and oil paint, I painted and dinner arrived, not for me though, just for the midges! The next thing to arrive was the groups of well fed guests who admired  my painting skill and perseverance. Midnight feast was a well earned cold beef sandwich!

This painting is now available as both a signed giclee and lithograph. I get pleasure from the success of the image as it makes it all worthwhile.

I will be at the Butterworth Gallery at the weekends 2 – 4pm, and I’m available to personalise purchases.

The Butterworth Gallery is open 11 – 4pm Thursday – Sunday. Viewing outwith these times is  available by contacting Sarah on Tel 013398 86104

A beautiful sunset on the West Coast of Scotland.

A Retrospective Exhibition at The Butterworth Gallery


As part of the North east Open Studios (NEOS) running from the 12th – 21st September, The Butterworth Gallery, in Ballogie, near Aboyne is showcasing a selection of Howard’s work, spanning nearly forty years as an artist in the North East of Scotland.

The work displayed is diverse in nature, some pieces are uncharacteristic of the usual ‘Butterworth’ style which can normally be described as ’emotional realism’. Included in the exhibition are some fun pencil sketches, a few abstract canvases, examples of commissioned pieces and also some  unseen works;  which as a complete package help to paint the picture of the true artist within. A person who is not afraid to try new techniques, tackle different subject matter or paint to the remit of an occasion. He is happy to express himself on canvas using colour to convey his emotions and is able to see the humour in art . His abstract pieces still hold the lure of a landscape, but in a free and bold manner, unlike any other paintings on display.

For Howard becoming an Artist was a lifestyle choice;  he moved away from a successful career in the corporate world, which left him feeling unfulfilled and with the support of his family made the conscious decision to choose the artistic path full-time. Howard’s composition, style, technique and quality of work, is a testament to his exacting standards and he continues to give great pleasure to both his loyal patrons and new admirers alike.

The Butterworth Gallery

Opening hours during NEOS:

Thursday – Monday inclusive 11am – 5pm

The Butterworth Gallery is also on Facebook 

written by H.J.K