‘River Dee in November’


‘Storm Frank’ devastated many businesses and homes in the Deeside valley in December. Royal Deeside is a wonderful place, especially Ballater, which I’ve called home for more than thirty years; so to show support and aid the raising of relief funds for people and businesses who have been deeply affected, I’m donating “November at Bobbie’s Pool” a painting of the River Dee completed in 2006.

This painting was originally showcased in an exhibition of mine at the ‘Marcliffe at Pitfodels’ to support The River Dee Trust. The exhibition was successful in raising a substantial amount of money. This painting has been in my private collection since, but I’m now hopeful that it will help raise the necessary funds to enable the local community to rebuild the areas affected  by Storm Frank and I’m happy to see that the community spirit is already shining bright, with lots of work and refurbishments already underway.

“November at Bobbie’s Pool” will be auctioned at the Victory and Albert Halls at the Ballater and Deeside  Flood Fundraising Event, on Saturday the 6th February from 7pm. Although tickets have sold out the organisers and Butterworth Gallery are taking bids until 5pm on Friday 5th February for more details contact Sarah@butterworthpaintings.co.uk or Tel: 013398 86104.

“The Roup” 1983, Aultonrea


actual roup

Howard was at ‘The Roup’ in 1983 at Aultonrea, Glenmuick. Miss Esson who had owned the lease on the property, was part of a local family who had lived and worked on Deeside for many generations and after she passed away her estate was broken up and sold. Howard believed it to be one of the last sales of it’s kind in the area and as he was part of the community wanted to mark the occasion. On the day,he stood and viewed the sale and made several sketches of the event to use for reference;  later finishing the painting in his studio in 1986.

(A Roup is a displenish sale in Scotland; where farms and small holdings, machinery and contents are sold at auction, on site.)


Howard recalls that “it was a fabulous day and there was such a crowd of people of all shapes, sizes”…  and “a complete mix of Lairds, locals” and also those who had travelled some distance to get there!

“The items that were for sale where just amazing, the house was quite large and it was absolutely full of furniture” there were lots of Georgian and Edwardian pieces and “a tudor wash stand”…also…”all the machinery and farming implements” too. Howard recalls that he bought “one of the most useful purchases that I’ve ever made in my life. For ten pence I got a tramp-pick!  A tramp-pick is specifically designed for getting rocks out of fields..(and)…is so much better than a pick axe and has been so useful over the years!”

In Howard’s painting some of the items for sale are featured; Miss Esson’s candle lantern and also a signed photograph of Queen Victoria, “believed genuine” as the auctioneer stated at the time. He also painted the cheeky Robin watching the event  from the fence post, the circling buzzard overhead and a dog in the foreground, who seemed very happy to be there. The Roup was a truly social event and the painting depicts many people gathering, swapping stories and bidding on the items offered for sale. Interestingly Howard remembers that the furniture made more money at the sale than the farm machinery, probably because “the farmers are too busy farming than going to sales!”

The lithograph of “The Roup” Aultonrea, was printed in the late 1980’s and was sold from ‘Rosie’ the caravan (the first ‘Butterworth Gallery’) at the family home in Glenmuick for £70; it was a signed limited edition of 250 copies on high quality paper and was printed by a Scottish company called Nevis Print who were based in Fort William. “The Roup” sold out in the early 1990’s some of the last copies to have exchanged hands recently have sold in the region of £600; auctioneers, art enthusiasts and community locals have made this painting of Howard’s a truly iconic collectors piece.

The original oil painting  hung on the wall in the managers office at the Clydesdale bank, Ballater for safe keeping for many years and many Aberdeenshire locals have fond memories of seeing “The Roup” on visits to the village. In recent years it has featured in exhibitions at The Butterworth Gallery and Howard’s ‘Recollection’ exhibition at The Tivoli,  Aberdeen in 2013.

Howard turned seventy on the 29th June this year and to mark this special birthday after much consideration and public interest Howard and the family took the decision to print “The Roup” Aultonrea as a limited canvas giclee print;  a relatively new printing technique which was unavailable to Howard in the 1980’s.

The giclee printing technique on canvas, gives the finished print an appearance closer to an original. The giclee canvas print of “The Roup” is limited to seventy prints; it is signed, numbered and then varnished and is approximately the same size as the original, 20″ x 30″ (excluding frame size). The Butterworth Studios Ltd, will be printing “The Roup” to order, in house and  the family take great pride in their final product.

'The Roup

“The Roup” £500 unframed

The limited edition giclee canvas print is now available to view at the Butterworth Gallery and orders are being taken.

The Butterworth Gallery,

Ballogie , Aboyne.

AB34 5DP

Tel: 013398 86104


Written by H.J.K with Howard Butterworth and The Butterworth Gallery

#FINDHOWARD Saturday 27th June 2015 (11am – 3pm)

Short Stories & Anecdotes


The Press and Journal has teamed up with the Archie Foundation and the Butterworth Gallery to give away some fantastic prizes. Over the next few months, renowned Scottish landscape artist Howard Butterworth will be ‘painting in fresh air’ and Press and Journal readers can win some of his artwork and play #FINDHOWARD.

Howard turns 70 this year and to celebrate the event he wants to raise money for the Archie Foundation, who are raising funds for an innovative £50,000 digital art gallery within RACH, Aberdeen’s childrens hospital. The 12 paintings from 12 different locations will then be offered for sale at an auction at the Marcliffe Hotel in October to raise more money for the Archie Foundation.


If you and your family wish to go out and about in the fresh air this weekend why not follow our clues to #FINDHOWARD and see Howard painting for yourselves. Share a photo when you find him on social media with #FINDHOWARD and automatically enter a prize draw. He will be at his secret location from ll am this Saturday (weather permitting).

For those keen to get out and about, there is the adventure of collecting a Howards TravelBug GeoCache code unique to each location.

-the nearest Geo Cache is “Birch on the Knoll”

The “Your Weekend” feature in the Press and Journal has an extra special prize draw. To win any unframed print from the Butterworth Collection worth up to an amazing £275 simply solve the following clues to find out where Howard will be painting this Saturday. Once you have guessed where he will be painting simply enter by phone or text.

HOTLINE: 09012 925 250
Call P&J competition hotline and fallow the instructions.
Calls should cost no more than £1. Calls from mobile or payphones may cost a lot more.
TEXT: PJ followed by a space then your answer, name and
address to 64343.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Texts cost £1 plus the usual carrier tariff. Entry to this competition closes at 11 pm on Sunday 28/6/15 Please note the
lines will remain open after11pm and you will be charged for the call or text, however your entry will not be included in the draw. First correct entry chosen at random will win the prize as stated. Signed print Is unframed. No cash alterative – prizes subject to availability. Employees
of AJL, DCT, Butterworth Gallery and their immediate families are not eligible to enter. Prize will be posted out to the winner.


•It is a 16th-century pink castle near Banchory
•Howard has well-known prints, cards and giftware featuring this famous castle’s garden entitled “June Borders”
•Go Ape with the family whilst Arting Around in the grounds

Go find him! Clues and prizes to be won along the way……


Howard Butterworth gives his time and talent to local charities.



Charity begins at home, but shouldn’t stay there…….everyone is capable of doing what they can for a good cause and a life can be enriched by what we can do for others. A donation of money is not the only way to help a charitable organisation in need; for Howard it is also offering his time and expertise. In giving his time and talent to an organisation he is hopeful that this will provide the catalyst that allows the charity to benefit the most. Anne Frank said, “No one has ever become poor by giving.” This statement is so true, by giving time and energy to a cause we are opening our lives to meeting new and interesting people;  passing forward a good deed to help others which in turn we hope encourages others to do the same. The simple task of holding a door open for someone, passing the time of day or even just a smile allows us all to know we are not alone and maybe the receiver of this small gesture will go on and do something kind for another by our own example. Howard has given his time readily over the years and supports many charities; Children 1st, The River Dee Trust, Friends of Anchor, Archie’s Art, Wild Dolphins, Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital, Teenage Cancer trust, Marie Curie and The Children’s Hospital Edinburgh.

On Sunday 17th May 2015 Howard in conjunction with The Rotary Club of Aberdeen Deeside hosted an art evening at the Hilton Treetops Hotel in Aberdeen. During the evening Howard completed the painting “A breath of fresh air” and was also able to give a running commentary of his techniques, tips and advice to budding artists, art enthusiasts, students and collectors. The audience was given the opportunity to witness the process of undertaking a painting to it’s completion and admire Howard’s talents for capturing the “emotional realism” of the scene. Howard’s laid back approach to the evening and funny anecdotes about life and issues close to his heart made the evening truly special, the audience where also able to ask Howard questions which he answered in his own funny and humorous way.



To help raise even more funds for the nominated charities of the evening,(Teenage Cancer Care Trust and Friends of Anchor) the Rotary Club of Aberdeen Deeside held an auction. Several of Howard’s framed prints as well as some original paintings were included, as well as the completed painting from the event, “A breath of fresh air”.  Everyone was delighted that the substantial sum of £4,550 was raised on the evening and this will benefit all the charities involved; a truly successful event!


written by  H.J.K