#FINDHOWARD ‘Paint Along’ in Ballater today August 8th 11-2pm

Short Stories & Anecdotes


Join Howard today in Ballater for a ‘Paint Along’,  as part of the #FINDHOWARD series, Howard is joining forces with Archie Art for some artistic fun in the sun!  So while working on his 6th canvas for The Archie Foundation to raise funds and awareness for the digital art gallery within RACH, Aberdeen’s Childrens Hospital he will be answering questions, giving out goody bags and happy to have a chat to budding artists and enthusiasts young and old. So #FINDHOWARD take along your paints and enjoy a great day out!

Howard Butterworth gives his time and talent to local charities.



Charity begins at home, but shouldn’t stay there…….everyone is capable of doing what they can for a good cause and a life can be enriched by what we can do for others. A donation of money is not the only way to help a charitable organisation in need; for Howard it is also offering his time and expertise. In giving his time and talent to an organisation he is hopeful that this will provide the catalyst that allows the charity to benefit the most. Anne Frank said, “No one has ever become poor by giving.” This statement is so true, by giving time and energy to a cause we are opening our lives to meeting new and interesting people;  passing forward a good deed to help others which in turn we hope encourages others to do the same. The simple task of holding a door open for someone, passing the time of day or even just a smile allows us all to know we are not alone and maybe the receiver of this small gesture will go on and do something kind for another by our own example. Howard has given his time readily over the years and supports many charities; Children 1st, The River Dee Trust, Friends of Anchor, Archie’s Art, Wild Dolphins, Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital, Teenage Cancer trust, Marie Curie and The Children’s Hospital Edinburgh.

On Sunday 17th May 2015 Howard in conjunction with The Rotary Club of Aberdeen Deeside hosted an art evening at the Hilton Treetops Hotel in Aberdeen. During the evening Howard completed the painting “A breath of fresh air” and was also able to give a running commentary of his techniques, tips and advice to budding artists, art enthusiasts, students and collectors. The audience was given the opportunity to witness the process of undertaking a painting to it’s completion and admire Howard’s talents for capturing the “emotional realism” of the scene. Howard’s laid back approach to the evening and funny anecdotes about life and issues close to his heart made the evening truly special, the audience where also able to ask Howard questions which he answered in his own funny and humorous way.



To help raise even more funds for the nominated charities of the evening,(Teenage Cancer Care Trust and Friends of Anchor) the Rotary Club of Aberdeen Deeside held an auction. Several of Howard’s framed prints as well as some original paintings were included, as well as the completed painting from the event, “A breath of fresh air”.  Everyone was delighted that the substantial sum of £4,550 was raised on the evening and this will benefit all the charities involved; a truly successful event!


written by  H.J.K