Howard Butterworth, ‘Painting in fresh air’ an Exhibition and Auction, Wednesday 28th October 2015

Short Stories & Anecdotes

We have all followed Howard avidly over the last six months as he has completed twelve canvases in twelve different locations in aid of the Archie Foundation;  to help raise funds for their proposed digital art gallery, at The Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital.


Howard has travelled across Scotland painting landscape scenes of joyous splendour, endeavouring to encapsulate some of the best views and places on his travels. He has met some wonderful people who have joined him on location; taking part in paint along sessions, enjoying watching an artist at work and also having the opportunity to ask questions and meet the man behind the paintings.

In celebration of the campaign’s completion and with true artistic flair an exhibition will be held at The Marcliffe Hotel and Spa, Aberdeen on Wednesday 28th October, entitled “Howard Butterworth, Painting in Fresh Air”, hosted by sponsor Mr Stewart Spence.  All twelve canvases from the last six months will be on display to the public between 12pm – 3pm culminating in an auction of work later that evening.

If you would like an invitation to the evening auction, please contact:

We look forward to welcoming you to the event.

written by H.J.K

The last chance to #FINDHOWARD Saturday 17th October 2015


It’s the final #FINDHOWARD weekend!


This is the last opportunity to #FINDHOWARD and see him paint ‘en plain air’ as part of the charity campaign to raise funds for ‘The Archie Foundation’ and their proposed digital art gallery for RACH (Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital).

Howard will be painting on Saturday 17th October, from 11am – 2pm in Glen Muick, near Balllater. So if you’re out and about this weekend and would like to see an artist at work, come along and have a chat with Howard; he’s more than happy to answer any questions you may have and there will also be some Archie Foundation, #FINDHOWARD goody bags, with Mackie’s of Scotland chocolate inside.

You could also enter this weeks ‪#‎FINDHOWARD‬ clues and competition with The Press and Journal, Aberdeen.


For all enthusiastic GeoCache seekers, we have a multi cache for you this week:  but also remember to ask Howard for his unique TravelBug code!

Still waters at Loch Muick.


If you are interested in viewing more of Howard’s work; The Butterworth Gallery in Ballogie, near Aboyne, has a permenant exhibition of his work and is open from Thursday – Sunday, 11am – 5pm, it is also possible to telephone and make an appointment outwith these times Tel:013398 86104. Alternatively Howard’s paintings can be viewed online at http://www.The

written by H.J.K

#FINDHOWARD LOCATION 8 (Saturday 5th September 2015)

Short Stories & Anecdotes

Howard is out and about this weekend painting in aid of The Archie Foundation and their campaign to raise enough funds for the proposed digital art gallery at RACH (Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital).


If you and your family would like to find Howard, with the possibility of winning a £70 Butterworth Gallery voucher and an Archie’s goodie bag then follow the clues below:

  1. World famous Castle on the West Coast of Scotland.

2. Located on its own island where Loch Duich, Loch Long and Loch Alsh meet, the castle is connected to the mainland by its iconic bridge.

3. “Winter Reflections” print and giftware image by Howard captures the scene perfectly.

When you find him, share a photo on social media with #FINDHOWARD and be entered into a prize draw. He will be at the location above weather permitting on Saturday 5th September, remember to look out for his distinctive red jacket!


You could also enter the competition running in the Press and Journal’s ‘Your Weekend'(Thursday 3rd September). The prizes include a signed Butterworth Print worth £275. Competition closes Sunday 11pm.

If you enjoy geocaching then collect Howard’s travel bug unique to every location as well as finding the nearest cache to his secret location



#FINDHOWARD ‘Paint Along’ in Ballater today August 8th 11-2pm

Short Stories & Anecdotes


Join Howard today in Ballater for a ‘Paint Along’,  as part of the #FINDHOWARD series, Howard is joining forces with Archie Art for some artistic fun in the sun!  So while working on his 6th canvas for The Archie Foundation to raise funds and awareness for the digital art gallery within RACH, Aberdeen’s Childrens Hospital he will be answering questions, giving out goody bags and happy to have a chat to budding artists and enthusiasts young and old. So #FINDHOWARD take along your paints and enjoy a great day out!

What can we tell from an artist’s palette?


Artists have a gift; they transform their own experience of a place, time or a moment and capture it on a canvas to provide an image to be seen, felt, enjoyed and to hold the viewer in an intoxicating embrace.

Often the final image is all that we see and the process of how the image was harnessed by the artist is forgotten. The colour choice, the tones and the method left behind; just as when we sit down to a good and satisfying meal, we forget the artistic talent the chef has displayed in the kitchen to achieve such delights.

An artists palette tells such a wonderful story; the palette becomes evidence of the artists journey.  A process of creating an image to encapsulate a moment;  so the choice of colour is of paramount importance and often will help to create the feelings born by the viewer, that will transcend through time, long after the paintings completion.

IMG_1212 IMG_1218

Colour plays an enormous role in how we express ourselves and our emotions and is an essential tool for an artist; if used correctly it can evoke presence in a painting and provide a window  for the viewer into the artists soul. While composing a piece, an artist is daring to show parts of themselves, expose themselves and  show their individuality, allowing themselves to be judged, critiqued and respected by their audience and peers.

IMG_4557 IMG_4554

A recent article in The Telegraph, “Painters’ Palettes in photographs from Picasso to Van Gogh”  looks at the work of a German photographer Matthias Schaller who “finds art in the tools of the artist and humanity in people-less places…His particular sort of ‘indirect’ portraiture suggests that the marks we make and the traces we leave behind reveal as much about ourselves as our actual physical presence.”

The palettes shown in Schaller’s photographs are a mix of dark to the bold and bright, the photographs also show whether the artist was organised and methodical in their palette layout or more free handed. Not surprisingly we can see that Van Gogh’s palette was rich in bright colours and is full of broad strokes, while Eugene Delacroix’s palette is more muted and methodical. This is perhaps  a hint of how artists minds work to achieve their masterpieces for us all to behold!

So what can we tell from Howard’s palette?

written by H.J.K